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Collect Trophies


The thrill of the hunt


You look fabulous in your red hunting jacket and white riding trousers. You can feel your horse under you wound like a spring in anticipation of the chase. The dogs can barely contain themselves with excitement. This is going to be an amazing day.


The best thing is that not a single fox will be hurt in this adventure because you’re after trophies. With your storied past in excitement, you are in search of new slots sites that will give you that adrenalin rush you’re looking for. From the way the hounds are baying, you know that they have found a new UK players bonus.


As the early morning mist burns off the fields in front of you, you prepare to add to your ever collection of trophies knowing that each one the dogs present to you like a duck you just shot out of the sky will give you more and more access to free spins. That’s how you know that you’re winning.



The Royal road to free spins


Here at Royal Spins Casino we’re beyond excited to present what we like to think of as the Royal Road to Free Spins. We are without a doubt one of the best new slot sites for people looking for a new UK players bonus. We’re delighted that you are here and want to ensure that you have the best possible time during your stay. Which is why we present you with the opportunity to complete fun tasks to unlock lots and lots of trophies. There are literally 100s of trophies for you to collect. There’s nothing quite like the sense of pride as your Trophy Cabinet fills up one after the other.


Make sure you keep your eyes peeled so that you identify every opportunity to add another one to your collection.



Level up like a boss


All these shiny trophies are very nice, you might think to yourself, but I didn’t search best slots UK just to collect a bunch of them just for giggles. That’s what the PlayStation is for. What’s the point of all of these trophies? What do I get out of it?


So glad you asked because we think you’re going to love this.


The more trophies you collect the more Free Spins of the Mega Reel you earn. What’s more, as you collect an increasing number of trophies you move up a level giving you access to more and more free spins. Each level you unlock gets you a free spin. What’s more, for each 5 trophies you unlock you will move up a level.


If you look just below you’ll see how your free spins progress as you collect more trophies. Do you think that you have what it takes to make it up the rankings and rake in the winning potential of all our Trophy Mega Reels? Let’s see what the hounds bring in!


Trophy Level

Free Spins

Level 1-5

5+ free spins

Level 6-10

10+ free spins

Level 11-15

15+ free spins

Level 16+

20+ free spins



One last thing, the participating Trophy Mega Reels change every month. Be sure to come back to see what’s changed because we want to give you the opportunity to try out as many of the best slots in the UK as humanly possible.


Good hunting!


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*Every 5 Trophies unlocked moves you up one level and gives you a different Mega Reel depending the level you've just unlocked:
Levels 1-5: You can win 5+ Free Spins.
Levels 6-10: You can win 10+ Free Spins.
Levels 11-15: You can win 15+ Free Spins.
Levels 16+: You can win 20+ Free Spins.

*Standard bonus T&Cs apply to the free spins. 65x Wagering requirement, £8 max win per 10 free spins, max bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250)

*The trophies, trophy and level requirements are subject to change and removal at any time.

*Players opted out of bonuses can still collect trophies but will not receive the free spins.

*Free Spins won from Mega Reels awarded for completing levels, whether or not unlocked, have no monetary value.

*Free Spin rounds do not count towards unlocking 'play' trophies.

*Trophy Mega Reel spins are only available for players who have funded in the last 2 days

*You can have a maximum of 3 unspun trophy Mega Reels stored on your account. If you unlock any further trophy Mega Reels they will not credited and cannot be re-credited at a later date.