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More than just the best place to play the newest slots UK


You could be forgiven for assuming that here at Royal Spins Casino all we do is offer you the best slot machines we can find and a wonderful collection of fast cashout slots.


For starters, have you experienced the thrill of participating in real live Casino games right from the comfort of your own home? We have some of the best table games on offer in the business.


But that’s not what this promotion is all about. This one will have you doing a double take.


You know when you have a preconceived idea about something based on nothing more than a couple of rumours you’ve picked up and none of your own experience? Like when they tell you that playing croquet is boring and only meant for stuffy snobs and then you try it out and discover how much fun it is?


That’s the way we think we’re going to make you think about Bingo.


Friday Bingo


We know you come here because you love the fast cashout slots we offer but just take a minute to consider how much fun it would be to take full advantage of joining us on Fridays at 8 PM to play BINGO.


That does sound like fun, doesn’t it?


No collection of seniors citizens drooling on their shirts while their chaperones help them mark off another number on their Bingo Form here. No neon lit Bingo halls or embarrassingly loud MCs.


We want only the best for you so come join the rest of the gang at Royal Spins Casino and step away briefly from the best slot machines to enjoy a short respite while playing live Bingo with the rest of the players on Friday nights at 8PM.


Prizes Galore


There is plenty to win. Why wouldn’t you join us for a share of £2,500 every single week? It’s easy to participate. Tickets are just £1 each. Each one gives you a chance to win these prizes:


What do I need?

What do I win?

One Line


Two Lines


Full House




That sounds pretty good doesn’t it?


But wait, there’s more!


Here at Royal Spins Casino we always, ALWAYS, look forward to exceeding your expectations which is why we spend so much effort on bringing you more. Not just the best slot machines, the newest slots uk or fast cashout slots. But also more Bingo fun and ways to win.


So what else do we have up our sleeves?


Tonnes of TG prizes of course!


Just have a look at all the TG prizes you can get every game:















Join US for Friday Fun!


Now that you know all the details of this promotion and we’ve laid out all of the great ways you can win while participating in the thrill of a live Bingo game on Fridays at 8PM, won’t you join us? We’d love to see you here along with everyone else competing for these great weekly prizes. It’s a great way to round out the work week and winning would be a delightful boost to starting off the weekend just right.


We’ll be here spinning the Bingo balls and dusting off all of the prizes in anticipation of seeing you on Friday.


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