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Happy Hours


Surprise History Lesson!


You’ve come to Royal Spins Casino to get the very finest of Regal treatment while you play mobile slots like they are going out of fashion. The last thing you’re expecting is a history lesson but here it is anyway. While you enjoy our delightful real money slots let us tell you about the storied past of one of the most beloved if somewhat overworked terms in the entertainment business: the happy hour.


The first thing you’ll notice is that there are very few establishments that limit the happy hour to a single hour. Unless they are already in need of extra bouncers to deal with the lines around the block or because the idea of discounting their wares causes them physical pain. We here at Royal Spins Casino are no different, meaning that our happy hours (with an S) run for several hours. In fact between 3 and 7 PM every Wednesday. We derive no distress from your pleasure, the opposite is true, which is why we are so delighted to offer you as many promotions as we can come up with. We’re here to ensure you are enthralled to play slots online.


For the record, our bouncers may look mean but in fact are some of the nicest blokes you’ll find anywhere under the sun. Please just remember to NEVER ask George what happened to his foot.



The Origin of Happy Hour


Where did this idea of Happy Hour come from? There are two credible and competing theories:


  1. Bored Sailors
  2. People looking to wet their beaks before dinner


What shall we do with the snoring sailor?


The way the story goes is that the sailors on the USS Arkansas were bored out of their skulls in 1913. Why they chose that year to not know what to do themselves as opposed to any other year is beyond our comprehension. We’ve talked to a number of sailors and universally they report that boredom is a central part to what it means to be a sailor. If only they could look for online slots UK and relieve their snore fest.


A bunch of homemakers decided to help the sailors out by hosting a weekly happy hour during which wholesome boardgames and other forms of entertainment were offered. They were most certainly not offering access to always-entertaining real money slots and because this was before mobile phones, no one could play mobile slots. It did not take long for the sailors to corrupt this entirely respectable weekly relief from tedium into a debaucherous get together involving boxing, betting and movies. From all we can tell the ladies that started the happy hour continued to attend to everyone’s delight.


Drinks before Dinner


Let’s imagine you look for Online Slots UK and are told that you can’t place a wager. You’d go looking elsewhere for entertainment, wouldn’t you. That’s how people felt going to dinner during the prohibition era in the US. Most dining establishment wouldn’t run the risk of serving alcohol and getting shut down.


Because human being will inevitably find ways to get what they want no matter the restrictions, the happy hour was invented. For you this may be to play slots online. For prohibition era diners this meant going to a speakeasy before sitting down for dinner to get a couple of drinks in. It was a happy hour.


It’s easy to get happy with Royal Spins Casino


We’re giving you, our funded players, a chance to win 10+ Free spins between 3 and 7 PM each Wednesday.


Just to keep things interesting we are selecting a different slot each week.




All you need to do to participate is to log in during Happy Hours.


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Happy Hours T&Cs

  • This promotion is only available to funded players
  • The Mega Reel spin will be credited upon login between 3-7PM
  • The Mega Reel spins are only available for players who have funded since Monday this week
  • Free Spins obtained through the ‘Mega Reel’ can only be played on specific games – chosen by the company.
  • If you chose to close the ‘Mega Reel’ pop-up, this is your choice and the game will not be made available or be re-credited to your account until the next claim. 
  • Wins resulting from Free Spins are credited to your account as ‘Bonus’ cash. Winnings from Free Spins are subject to a maximum amount set by the company at its sole discretion, regardless of the accumulative winnings amount displayed. Due to maximum win amounts, you may not receive all the spins which are displayed as remaining to play.
  • If you experience any issues with claiming the Happy Hours mega reels and/or free spins, please get in touch with the support team who will look at your request on a case by case basis. 
  • The following applies to all Bonus funds obtained on the site, unless otherwise stated in the specific terms and conditions for a promotion. You agree by accepting these terms and conditions to wager 65x the amount of bonus won + any remaining wagering requirement prior to cashing out. If you decide to cash-out (withdraw) before fulfilling the wagering requirement, you will forfeit all remaining bonus funds, free spins, and Mega Reel spins. For example, if you win £10 bonus from free spins and your current wagering requirement is £100, this will result in a wagering requirement of £10 X 65 + £100 = £750. If there is no existing bonus in your balance or wagering requirement, the wagering requirement is calculated as £10 x 65 = £650.
  • Only bonus wagers contribute towards fulfilling the wagering requirement. Real money wagers do not contribute.
  • You can withdraw your real money balance (subject to withdrawal policy) but Bonus funds can never be withdrawn.
  • The maximum amount (for accounts that have made a deposit) which can be converted to your Real Money (withdrawable) balance as a result of fulfilling the bonus wagering requirement, is the value of your lifetime deposits on this website, up to a maximum of £250. For example, if you have accumulated bonus funds of £400 once the wagering requirement has been fulfilled and your total lifetime deposits are £50, then £50 will be transferred to your real money bankroll. The remaining bonus balance will be removed permanently.
  • The maximum bonus conversion for accounts that have not made a deposit is £50. E.g. if you have accumulated bonus funds of £400 once the wagering requirement has been fulfilled, £50 will be transferred to your real money bankroll. The remaining bonus balance will be removed permanently. 
  • Winnings generated from your bonus balance will be accumulated to the bonus balance bankroll. Once the wagering requirements (65x) have been met, the remaining bonus (maximum £250) will be transferred to your real (withdrawable) bankroll. All withdrawals are subject to the banking policy included in these terms and conditions.
  • Winnings are credited to the balance from where the wager was taken. If in a single transaction you wager 50% with real money and 50% with bonus funds, any winnings will be credited to match the proportion of the original wager. E.g. A £3 total wager (£1.50 Real and £1.50 Bonus balance) results in a £10 win, this means £5 will be credited to each balance.
  • Real funds will always be used to wager before bonus funds. You will only use your bonus balance when you do not have enough real money to place the wager.
  • The following games do not contribute towards fulfilling the wagering requirement: Blackjack (all variants), Roulette (all variants), any other casino style games, Hi Lo games, Video Poker, Keno, progressive jackpot slots. The company reserves the right to alter this at any time and without notice. Any changes in this regard will not impact any existing bonus or offers which have been offered to you, or have been already claimed. 
  • Bonus money wagering is not available on progressive jackpot slots, including (but not limited to): ‘Fluffy Favourites Jackpot’ and ‘Fluffy Too Jackpot’.
  • You can track your remaining wagering requirement on the withdrawal page of the website. 
  • The company reserves the right to amend the wagering requirements on bonus funds at its sole discretion. Any changes in this regard will not impact any existing bonus or offers which have been offered to you, or have been already claimed.