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Scratch that itch!


Assuming you’ve been alive any time in the past couple of decades, you’ll be familiar with this sensation. You’re going about your merry way when this initially subtle but then increasingly insistent sensation creeps up on you. At first you decide to ignore it, especially because it’s typically situated in the hardest to reach places. Scientists have discovered the building blocks of life and are getting ever closer to being able to turn lead into gold but not a single one of them can explain why an itch decides to position itself right in that area between your shoulder blades that you can’t reach.


With time though, it becomes increasingly impossible to ignore. That itch demands your immediate attention, no matter how hard it is to get at it. Long before you concede defeat, that itch knows it will be scratched. Which leads to this simple question: If the outcome is assured, why go through the whole process of trying to wish it away rather than scratching that itch the moment it presents itself?


What great fortune then that here at Royal Spins Casino we have a collection of some of the most exciting Scratch Cards man kind could come up with that do not require you to twist yourself into a pretzel.


Here’s but a small sample of the Scratch Cards on offer:


  • Big Scratchy
  • Double Salary for 1 year
  • Cut the Grass
  • Lucky Scratch!
  • Raid the Piggy Bank



Real Cash Prizes means REAL MONEY


The thing that has brought you here is the knowledge that Royal Spins Casino is a real money casino. Truly the best place if real cash prizes are what you are after. That’s why we offer all of those wonderful real money slots. We’ve collected some of the best games there are to be had with a focus on the best payouts we could find.


That same approach is what guides us when we evaluate our selection of Scratch Cards. There really is nothing like the thrill of the possibility of real cash prizes as you scratch away. There is an instant satisfaction at being able to attack that itch when you know it is there.


Now is a better time than ever to try your hand at some of our scratch card games. Beyond your chances of an instant prize while playing scratch card games, participating lines you up for even more chances to win.


Your big CHANCE


Here’s your BIG Chance at real money prizes. All you need to do is wager at least £10 on any of the Scratch Card games that are on offer. Participation grants you the chance to win £1,000 in real cash. Playing Scratch Cards between the first and the last of every month puts you in line for that big prize.


Who doesn’t love real money? No one that we know. We’re hard at work to make sure that our Real Cash Casino is overflowing with opportunities to win real cash prizes and that goes double for our Scratch Card Games.


Be sure to come back every month to participate in a chance at £1,000 in real cash.


We’ll be here eagerly anticipating your return.


When you feel that itch and you realize it’s not there at that impossible to get to spot on your back, don’t hold back. Have a scratch!



Scratch For Cash T&Cs: All players who spend £10 or more on all games in the "scratchcards" tab between the First – Last day of the month will be entered into the prize draw to win £1,000 in Real Cash. You can collect further entries into the prize draw for every extra £10 spent on any of our scratch card games during the promotional dates. The prize draw is held across all Jumpman gaming sites. The winning prizes for this promotion is: 1x £1,000 which will be credited to the players account as Real Cash. All promotional prizes must be claimed within 7 days of the winning notification be sent to you. Your account must be active when claiming prizes in order for the winnings to be valid.