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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

The neon lights outside pulled you in with a promise of adventure. You’ve been thinking, no dreaming of this moment on the long trip to Vegas. The closer you got the more real it felt. Dublin airport may have an Irish pub in between each gate but the boys in Vegas have one upped their Irish friends with a slot at each gate. And now you are here. The doors close behind you and immediately you are hit with the electricity in the air while a staccato of coins clinking and bells ringing as someone hits the jackpot tells you that you’ve come to the right place.

You feel a tingle run up your spine as you look around. Live Casino games wherever you look. Table games everywhere. Live Blackjack! This is the real deal. Someone brings you exactly the drink you wanted but don’t remember asking for. You take in the wall to wall carpets, the low lights, people from all walks of life thoroughly enjoying themselves as they play together. David Copperfield walks past you, giving you a wink. You could swear that you heard him say to his companion “That one is going to get lucky tonight. I’ve a got a sense for those things, you know.”

You know this is going to be a night to remember. Whatever happens there will be plenty to tell the lads back home. Who knows, maybe Copperfield was on to something because you do feel lucky.

Be the Bond of your very own Monte Carlo 

Or maybe this is what you had in mind when you think about live casino games.

You take one last look in the mirror to straighten your bowtie and admire how good you look in a tuxedo before leaving your room to head down to the Casino. You drove into Monte Carlo earlier today even though you’re supposed to be elsewhere on a job. Sometimes Bond needs a little R&R before he saves the world. Again. At least that’s what you think to yourself.

You make your way through the crowd on the floor, heading to the back room reserved for the big players. They’ve seen you here before. You walk past table games and the live blackjack. A little too pedestrian for you. Everyone looks at you with a mix of fear and attraction as a waiter follows you with a drink, hoping you will soon pick your pleasure. And that’s when you know that you will be taking your chances at live dealers roulette. For someone who always has his own fate in his hands sometimes the best thing is to sit back and let the fates have their ways with you.

A real Casino Experience

At Royal Spins Casino knows that there is nothing quite so exciting as playing casino games with real dealers and real players. That’s why we are excited to bring this opportunity to immerse yourself in the action for some healthy competition.

We know you want to experience the thrill of playing with live dealers in a live casino. That's real roulette you'll be playing, not a computer simulation! There is nothing canned about the operation we have going here. All of your favourite games are here for you to enjoy:

  • European Blackjack
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Multifire Roulette
  • Lightning Roulette
  • Speed Casino Roulette

Recreate your Las Vegas or Monte Carlo experience with our live Casino games.

You will have to mix your own drink, I’m afraid.